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Hello Simmers. I've been playing The Sims for years. I'm not a Sims 3 player yet but am still loving The Sims 2. I'll occasionally post recolors (mostly clothes) here. I haven't tried Milkshape yet, so we'll eventually see how that turns out. I'll post any further updates on the main page. Until then, please enjoy the following.

I found these ceilings (floors) that I made a while back for a "record store" (electronics store) I was building. Got the idea from Iona's record store in Pretty In Pink. Hope you like. You get three backgrounds. Download here.

 Here's a small update. I discovered this company that creates these gorgeous tiles out of cement. Download the floor tiles for the Sims 2 here.

See the actual IVANKA Flaster Cement Tiles at

EA mesh. Not sure if an expansion pack is required. It may be Seasons.
Download here.

UPDATED!! Please re-download to get the MESH from Plastic Purple Princess (site now down). I'm not clear on the TOU cause the site is no longer there. If you are the creator, please contact me to let me know if this is ok. Thanks

Here are more basic outfits in classic texture and subdued color. I added a couple of concert T's for fun. I believe that this is a basic Sims 2 game mesh. Please let me know if it's not and the site so I can contact the creator. There's a bunch here all in one file. Let me know what you think.

Download all here.

New swimsuits and tops here! I used the basic
game meshes so you don't need an expansion pack.

Click Here to download Swimsuits

Click Here to download Sleeveless Tops

Here's a cute new outfit for Sims2 adult females. I've recolored and added some leggings to a cute tutu outfit from LianaSims2. The mesh is included. Please visit her site for more traditionally cute clothes.
Click HERE to download Mesh and Texture files.

Ok, just a couple of little things. No meshing yet. Here's some much cooler BV Tourist outfit recolors (dark red, green and blue are included) and a slightly better textured Modern Bob (in Black!) from the EA Sims2 Online Store. You will need the Mesh from S2 Store (hair) and the BV Expansion Pack (clothes). Have fun.

Click HERE to download Modern Bob Recolor.

Click HERE to download the BV Tourist Recolor.

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