Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Line for a Discount (Boarders Bankruptcy)

Today I went to a Boarders bookstore in my area (one of the locations that are being closed due to the bankruptcy). While using the elevator, I realized that one of the employees was standing next to me. Er, an employee that will soon be out of work. I suddenly felt very awkward with my arms full of books, like a vulture picking the bones of a carcass. He was very nice and asked if I
was able to find everything that I was looking for. I replied yes, that I had, but at the same time felt the urge to apologize for profiting from his misfortune. I mean, hundreds of these people will be out of work soon and there we were, this huge crowd of customers, searching for deals. Yes, I know that many people out there say, "it's the way of the world" but it wasn't a great feeling.
I asked the employee how much notice the company had given them in regards to the bankruptcy, he stated that he had heard the news on TV before they were actually informed and that was a little over a week ago. At this point, I was actually feeling a little green around the gills. I stated how much this sucked and wished the nice man luck. I mean, I do prefer smaller bookstores and used bookstores to the mammoth that is Boarders but, a job is a job. Especially in this economy.
Being strapped myself, I walked to the counter and got my discount. I did say a prayer for the employees. I truly hope they are all able to find a job soon.
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