Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jules Verne!

Fan of classic adventure and sci-fi? Today is Jules Verne's Birthday.
The author of numerous works of fiction that have fueled the imagination of people all over the world. I found this a crazy coincidence (today being his birthday) because mine was 2 days ago and I was in a bookstore looking for one of his books! Haha, well there you go. Please click here to find out more info about this great author. Also, Google has all kinds of links setup in celebration of his b-day as well here.

 Jules Verne: Seven Novels (Leatherbound Classic Edition) (Leatherbound Classics) The Collected Works of Jules Verne: 36 Novels and Short Stories (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics) The Moon-Voyage
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