Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Metropolitan
Friday, September 3rd

Ollin - Rockin' Set 2
The Metropolitan on Friday September 3rd, hosted a great show. The Metropolitan Bar & Grill has that L.A. Latino vibe that's so in right now. Cozy and neat, smallish, great for bands. It started filling up around 10ish. The headliner was Ollin, who I hadn't seen in a while. I was looking forward to some good music. They were to play two sets and had a new opening band.

Ollin - Traditional Set 1

Opening for Ollin was, RT 'N' the 44's and they are unique. They're a three piece and play home made instruments. One instrument looked like a giant banjo (the bass). They're sound was described by one audience member as a cross between Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash, old country and folksy at the same time. Which to say is that they are good! They are very now and interesting to watch. The set was fun and the vocals were well done. They really meshed well with the main act. 

Opening Band, RT 'N' the 44's
The main act being, Ollin is lead by the Rodarte brothers, Randy and Scott. This band has a mix of influences and they  seemed to have thinned out since the last time I’d seen them. The first set was traditional Mexican revolutionary songs.  Very pared down but it worked. The singer had a strong clear sound and emoted well. The music was full and lively. The second set went back to the bands punk rock roots with an additional guitar player (minus the singer and an acoustic guitar player). It wasn’t on the heavy side but was driving and fun.

Randy (Drums) Scott (Guitar) Rockin' Out
Ollin is both traditional and modern and rooted deep in the city’s culture. The show didn’t seem long enough which usually means something good considering the music didn’t stop until after midnight. Ollin is doing a residency at The Metropolitan for the rest of September. So, please drop in on Friday and take a look-see. You’ll be happy that you did.

The Metropolitan Bar & Grill
1846 East 1st Street
Boyle Heights, CA
18+ $5.00 cover 9PM
September 10th

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