Friday, June 11, 2010

Supernatural Anime - January 2011!

Supernatural Anime by Warner Bros Japan!!! Due out January 20... on TwitpicWarner Bros. Japan is working on an Anime version of the hit show, Supernatural! The release date is January 2011 (2010-2011 is being called The Year of Supernatural by Warner Bros. Japan). This release will cover the first two seasons of the show and include additional story lines not shown in the live action series!

Now, there are only a few anime movies that I actually like, but I am very interested to see how this wonderful series will be translated into a different medium (I'm aware of the graphic novel but haven't picked it up yet). I am of the opinion that the story line is so well thought out that it can translate into almost any (storytelling) medium. Wouldn't it be great to see a feature length movie for the series finale when the time comes? Hopefully on the big screen.

For more detail on the anime release, check out SALTED AND BURNED.
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