Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supernatural moved to Friday? Nooooooo!!

Ok, I just received an email with the Fall Schedule for the CW. They bumped Supernatural to FRIDAY!  Damn! Friday? Really? Not the best day of the week, yeah, it's following Smallville but Fridays usually spell death for a TV show. I really hope they don't cancel it after season 6. You know that the Kripke crew can give us many more good story arcs, it can run for several more seasons. But damn! Why "Friday" it so soon? Where's the love? WTF?

Does anybody have any other opinions about the move? Am I in a panic for nothing?

Ok, UPDATE... the shows that will be up against Supernatural are, CSI:NY (CBS), Dateline (NBC), Body of Proof (ABC), and The Good Guys (FOX). Doesn't sound like they're up against much. So, I am no longer in panic mode. "Procedural Cop Show"? Riiiight... Oh, and by the way, wasn't Smallville's season finally awesome?
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