Saturday, January 31, 2009

Domino Magazine Says Farewell

In the Spring of 2005 I purchased the premier issue of Domino magazine. I loved that someone finally figured out that an interior design magazine could be as fun and exciting as a fashion magazine. Since then, I have either purchased or subscribed and have every issue. I looked forward to each additional issue for a number of reasons that are obvious to all of the many other Domino subscribers. 

I received the horrible news this morning that Domino will no longer grace my mailbox. It has ceased publication due to the current difficult financial situation that we are all going through. Unfortunately, they could not get enough advertisers to support the magazine.
Can I say how much this magazine will be missed? I know that there are many other events worthy of comment and that are more serious than the demise of a design magazine but beauty is one of the things that make waking up in the morning bearable when everything else is in the dumps. Heaven knows we all need more beauty now. The goal of this magazine was to make the space that we all live (and work) in happy. As a reader and subscriber, I can say, they have succeeded and I am sorry to see them go. To the editors and everyone else involved (there of course are many), I say a heartfelt (♥) thank you!
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